Excitement abounds….

Hey people, this is my new blog, part of my new website.  This is my first obligatory post, and after this (in theory) we get to the serious business of blogging.

For the record, I think “blog” is a stupid stupid word. I’m told it’s short for “weblog,” which makes no sense to me, it would be like if the abbreviated form of “Renal Failure” was “Lfailure.”

I would also like to take this first blog to bitch about the world of web design, which somehow liberally mixes the byzantine with the Kafka-esque. In order to build my website (did I mention that it’s http://www.benrockonline.com?), I used a TEMPLATE which is supposed to make life easy, but then I had to use programs like Flash and Dreamweaver as well as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.  The latter two make COMPLETE sense to me, but Flash… Man, I don’t want to start.  Flash is a great program in which the output of all your work is THREE f*cking files, an XML, a FLA, and a FLV.  ALL of which can mess you up. And they did.  Because I wasn’t happy with the fonts and 100% of the layout in the template, so I had to go mucking about.


So it turns out my first blog post is the blog version of Andy Rooney. Maybe that’s what all of them will be.  We’ll see.


5 comments on “Excitement abounds….

  1. You wouldn’t believe how many folks ask me to create Flash works assuming I pull them outta me arse and offer little or nothing in compensation.

    And I don’t use templates, I make this shit up from scratch.

    Not one site I’ve made is worth less than 5 grand per in time. Most are worth 10 grand or over.

    It’s work. Real work.

  2. “So it turns out my first blog post is the blog version of Andy Rooney. ”

    I’ll be dissapointed if you provide anything less!

  3. Corey beat me to the punch. I was just going to say ” We’ll be”.

  4. Your first, a reaction. I have a feeling your posts will likely change from week to week. If they stay the same for twenty years, then, well, you really will risk Rooneyness.

    The site is a terrific, intense representation of your work. Best wishes for continued success.

  5. […] My friend Jenelle likes to make fun of me for being late to the Blog party. She is right, blogging had been going on for a long time (in internet years) before I started writing here about a year-and-change ago so I’d have something live for the “blog” link on my new webpage – and an obsession was born. One that even overrode my hatred of the word “Blog.” […]

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