An Indie Horror Worthy of Your Support

Check out this movie!

A year or so ago, my good friend and occasional producer Matt Compton showed me a work-in-progress of a naturalistic horror feature he’d produced with The Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo Sanchez. Written, directed, and produced by Scott Leberecht, it was called “Midnight Son,” and it was made on a serious shoestring but the movie really stuck with me.  The cast is amazing, especially Maya Parish, Zak Kilberg, and Jo D. Jonz. It immediately reminded me of Larry Fessenden‘s “Habit,” but as Dread Central’s Uncle Creepy pointed out, it also bears a strong resemblance to George Romero‘s dark vampire coming-of-age film, “Martin.” Leberecht’s directing is dark with a delicate touch, and Kays Alatrakchi‘s dark score underscores the fragility and danger of the film and the characters.

Here’s the trailer:

So before you ask, I’m NOT on the payroll. I’m just that guy who heard of that cool indie band before you did – then you started listening to them, then they blew up and sold out and you scowl every time you hear their name now because you were their fan FIRST. Seriously, I think this is a film worthy of your support, and I’m going to ask you to do something that won’t take very long. First, if you haven’t watched the trailer (above), do that. Interested? Intrigued? Of course you are. Go to the website:


In the middle of the page there’s a link to demand the film in your area. You’ll have to fill out about 4 lines of information, including your email address. Feel free to untick the box that allows eventful to send you more information (I sure unticked it). That’s it.

In case you haven’t noticed, indie film is in a bad way, and this is a way for you to easily support one of the good ones.


7 comments on “An Indie Horror Worthy of Your Support

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ben Rock, Kays Alatrakchi. Kays Alatrakchi said: RT @Neptunesalad: An Indie Horror Worthy of Your Support: http://wp.me/pQLLB-jY […]

  2. Hey – I’d love to repost this on Three Hands. Mother, may I?

  3. Looks amazing, actually, a good story well-told. I’ll look forward to seeing this one. Thanks, Ben.

  4. Great trailer, looks like a fantastic story too. But I am curious what ‘serious shoestring’ translates to here with the high quality of acting, story, production, and the overall look. It’s hard to believe a picture like this can’t get picked up and receive a theatrical release.

    • I think it deserves that. Keep in mind that good acting and story don’t necessarily cost money, they take skill and dedication. The people who made this movie all, for their own reasons, want to move on to larger-scale projects in time, and their sacrifices on this one will hopefully facilitate that.

      I hope “Midnight Son” finds the fanbase it deserves, but my big fear is that in the current economic climate for indie films it’s becoming harder and harder to do that. Cross your fingers for these people.

  5. […] uses his VFX background to tell a compelling story. Remember “Midnight Son,” that ultra-low-budget horror flick I was plugging a month or so ago? Guess where that director came […]

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