Anatomy of a 20-Year-Old Thing

Pardon my Complete Self-Indulgence… Sometimes I write these things to get big ideas out of my head, and to me, this is a big idea even if it’s nestled in something really small, something you’ve probably never seen, but something which was a huge obsession of mine for a few years. Disposable Work I grew […]

Think Different

How Technology is Making Your Creative Job Harder – And Why That’s a Good Thing I remember when I directed my first play in Los Angeles in the spring of 1999. It was called “Golden Elliot,” and it was produced by a small theater in Hollywood called (unfortunately) “The Professional Actors’ Counsel.” We had no […]

10 Apps That Will Make You a Better (or more effective) Director

Here I Go Again… Recently I blogged about Hollywood Shot Designer app, a product I’ve come to know and love. And use – on every shoot. I went the next step, geekdom-wise, and even joined their beta team so now I’m one of the people testing new versions before the public gets them. It’s an […]

Stick it in Your Ear, 2012 Edition

Podcast Nation About two years ago, I posted a blog about the 10 awesome and influential podcasts that were burning up my iPod. Now, it feels weird even to type the word “iPod” – as I’ve been conditioned to think about the iPad, or my drug of choice, the iPhone. But even for those who […]

Summer Reading

10 Blogs Filmmakers Need to Read As I emerge from my NDA-driven rathole and rediscover the things I did before work consumed me, I’ve been catching up on some reading. Specifically blog reading (and a book or two as well). My friend Jenelle likes to make fun of me for being late to the Blog […]

The Myth of Indie

I’m Getting Tired of Asking Where We Went Wrong My friend and fellow filmmaker Tom Moser said something about my last post that I think merits its own topic. The post was about how awesome 1981 was for genre fans, how many amazing and landmark horror, sci fi, and fantasy movies were released that year. […]

My Favorite Year

What was in the water in 1981? Recently I was doing some research on a project with genre roots, requiring me to look into all manner of horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies and I saw a curious pattern emerge. Although I was pulling from anything, anywhere that made sense in film history, movies from 1981 […]