The Value of Working for Free

Equating a Labor of Love with Actual Labor I’m writing this while the survival of something close to my heart – the intimate Los Angeles Theater – is being placed in jeopardy. There are many conflicting values under sincere debate and the future of a cultural scene is being brought into question. At the heart of […]

Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Direct Approach I’ve often trumpeted Shot Designer from the aspirationally-named, Vegas-based company “Hollywood Camera Work” as the best app I’ve ever found for directing. It runs on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and helps me to generate really fast overheads for any scene, and plan out my shots and shotlists from there, and share them […]

New Digs

Really short one this time – Just a plea for you to check out my new website. I’ve really put the media first, enabled it for tablets and devices and such, and hopefully it’s an easier place to check out all the friggin’ media I’ve spent decades slaving away at. And in case you’re interested, […]