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So I Made a Podcast…

Lend Me Your Ears As I’ve said before, the first time I stuck earbuds in my ears and fired up a podcast (I think it was the Slate Magazine daily podcast at the time), I had a “where has this been all my life” moment. Today I barely listen to the radio – I listen to podcasts […]

NAB Roundup 2013 – Forget 3D, Let’s Talk 4K!

Emerging Patterns Every year, if I’m able to do so, I make the 4-hour trek by car from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB). For the uninitiated, it’s a trade show where all the manufacturers of every piece of gear involving broadcast, filmmaking, production, postproduction, you-name-it fill […]

RIP Film, 1878-2010

In With a Horse, Out with a House Last night’s episode of Fox’s “House, MD” marked the conclusion of a long debate, “film vs. digital.” As a filmmaker, I have been a longstanding proponent of film. It has always been standard-bearer for moving image-makers. And HD, despite certain conveniences and an apparently lower price had […]