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What’s On Second?

My 1st Foray 2nd Unit Being a freelancer in the entertainment business in LA (as I have since 2000) can be a stressful balancing act, and after being at it a few years I began to notice certain trends – especially the times of year that work becomes more plentiful or… Less so. And as […]

RIP Film, 1878-2010

In With a Horse, Out with a House Last night’s episode of Fox’s “House, MD” marked the conclusion of a long debate, “film vs. digital.” As a filmmaker, I have been a longstanding proponent of film. It has always been standard-bearer for moving image-makers. And HD, despite certain conveniences and an apparently lower price had […]

The Company Loves Misery

The Importance of Desperation During The Creative Process I recently directed a play, “Baal” written by Bertolt Brecht and adapted by Peter Mellencamp, for the awesome and trusting Sacred Fools Theater Company in Hollywood. It was Brecht’s first play, written when he was only twenty years old. Showing the promise that Brecht would deliver throughout his […]

Neutral Density

Can The End of “Net Neutrality” also be the End of Piracy? Who do I Hate More, the FCC or Comcast? This past Tuesday, the US Court of Appeals in the DC Circuit sided with cable and broadband giant Comcast over the FCC, seriously challenging the idea of “Net Neutrality.” The idea of neutrality, something […]