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Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Direct Approach I’ve often trumpeted Shot Designer from the aspirationally-named, Vegas-based company “Hollywood Camera Work” as the best app I’ve ever found for directing. It runs on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and helps me to generate really fast overheads for any scene, and plan out my shots and shotlists from there, and share them […]

10 Apps That Will Make You a Better (or more effective) Director

Here I Go Again… Recently I blogged about Hollywood Shot Designer app, a product I’ve come to know and love. And use – on every shoot. I went the next step, geekdom-wise, and even joined their beta team so now I’m one of the people testing new versions before the public gets them. It’s an […]

Finally, a Practical App for Directors

Is There an App for Disappointment? It’s sad to say, but I thought I’d love my iPad more than I do. The promise of a different kind of user experience – like the iPhone but bigger – seemed like a great thing to have in my information-shuffling arsenal. Don’t get me wrong, I use my […]