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Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Somebody Steal This Idea (No, Really)

Direct Approach I’ve often trumpeted Shot Designer from the aspirationally-named, Vegas-based company “Hollywood Camera Work” as the best app I’ve ever found for directing. It runs on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC and helps me to generate really fast overheads for any scene, and plan out my shots and shotlists from there, and share them […]

Think Different

How Technology is Making Your Creative Job Harder – And Why That’s a Good Thing I remember when I directed my first play in Los Angeles in the spring of 1999. It was called “Golden Elliot,” and it was produced by a small theater in Hollywood called (unfortunately) “The Professional Actors’ Counsel.” We had no […]

Priced to Rent

Masters of our Domains I’m happy to admit it – Filmmakers today should all feel like a bunch of spoiled carping jerks. Some three and a half years ago, Canon (not a company previously renowned for their professional-level HD cameras) blew the lid off the world of filmmaking with the Canon 5D Mark II and […]

Summer Reading

10 Blogs Filmmakers Need to Read As I emerge from my NDA-driven rathole and rediscover the things I did before work consumed me, I’ve been catching up on some reading. Specifically blog reading (and a book or two as well). My friend Jenelle likes to make fun of me for being late to the Blog […]

Point and Shoot

In the face of superior low-cost gear, why has the argument shifted to “why bother making your film look good?”