So I Made a Podcast…

Lend Me Your Ears As I’ve said before, the first time I stuck earbuds in my ears and fired up a podcast (I think it was the Slate Magazine daily podcast at the time), I had a “where has this been all my life” moment. Today I barely listen to the radio – I listen to podcasts […]

An Open Letter to Spec Screenwriters

Confession time: I am the world’s worst reader. A former manager of mine used to refer to my pile of unread scripts as the “Rockpit.” It was a steadily-growing 8 1/2″ by 11″ rectangular stack that sometimes grew so tall you’d think I was trying to turn it back into a mighty oak. I’ve finally […]

A Swift Kick to the Head

Why Big Stars on Raising Money on Kickstarter isn’t Hurting Smaller Projects Allow me to start by saying that I’m not a Zach Braff fanboy. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and he seems to have things he wants to say through filmmaking. But judging based on his debut feature nine years ago as well […]

What in Hell Happened to Zombies?

After a 10-Year Run, Have Zombies Lost The Ability to Scare Us? This is not written as a missive against the #1 movie in theaters this week, “Warm Bodies.” I am not a film critic and will leave that job to my betters. I actually enjoyed “Warm Bodies,” but to me it’s a bellwether of […]

Stick it in Your Ear, 2012 Edition

Podcast Nation About two years ago, I posted a blog about the 10 awesome and influential podcasts that were burning up my iPod. Now, it feels weird even to type the word “iPod” – as I’ve been conditioned to think about the iPad, or my drug of choice, the iPhone. But even for those who […]

A Tale of Four Possums… Or the End of Creative Procrastination

Sorry, I’m not going to rant about Final Cut Pro X or directing theater today – I have something more philosophical on my mind and it was all inspired by true events. Warning: graphic wildlife-in-domestic-homes pictures to follow. Playing Possum Nothing helps me to shake of the shackles of procrastination like a live possum in […]

Editing for Dummies

The Morning After… After over a decade as a happy Final Cut Pro user, proponent, and propagandist, it’s been a terrible two weeks for me. When George Rizkallah and I went in on our first FCP v.2 system from Promax back in 2000, little did I know how accessible editing would grow to change my […]